Take advantage of the benefits of a roller garage door

• Space saving - the door rolls away into compact storage

• Vertical opening - the door doesn't swing out, so you can park as close to it as you want

• Manual or remote operated - Easily lift and pull to operate, or can be operated with the touch of a button for ultimate ease

• Range of colours - choose the best paint colour to suit your home


Your new roller door can be operated manually or automatically by remote. The door's design allows it to be easily lifted open and pushed closed with a minimum of physical effort.


If you want to experience true luxury with your garage door, choose the remote operated feature. This way you can remain in your car while your door automatically opens at the push of a button.


To discuss in detail how much your garage door can be customised, please call.


Do you have a short driveway but your up-and-over garage door gets in the way and prevents you from parking close to it? Perhaps you have a large vehicle which makes closing your garage door a fine art?


Roller garage doors provide the perfect solution for space saving. Their vertical opening means that you can park as close to the door as you like and there is still space to open it. Don't worry about your car getting damaged when closing the door, it rolls away into compact storage space. You'll wonder why you didn't convert from an up-and-over garage door sooner!

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